Lori Sand
Senior Public Info Officer
April 20 the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners authorized the creation of a Recovery Planning Task Force to strategize and implement a phased approach to reopen the economy.
“We recognize and appreciate the serious sacrifices that Johnson County residents have made to flatten the curve, and we also understand the significant economic challenges that businesses and individuals have sustained,” said Ed Eilert, chairman. “We are working on phased plans to restore our economy.”
The task force will include many sectors in the economy representing a broad section of Johnson County. The makeup of this task force includes:
• Johnson County Board of County Commissioners representatives
• Johnson County government (Public Health, Emergency Management, County Manager)
• Small business representative
• Chamber of commerce representative
• Economist
• Mayor’s Council representative
• City manager representative
• Public safety representative
• Non-profit/community organization representative
• Hospital executive representative
“The next stage in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is determining when these restrictions can start to be eased to reopen the economy, get people back to work, and continue to protect lives,” said Penny Postoak Ferguson, county manager. “A Recovery Planning Task Force is an essential component to get community input on the phased approach we will take in reopening Johnson County.”
The Recovery Planning Task Force efforts will balance how to keep the workforce safe and healthy, while also working to reopen the economy.  The capability of testing, tracing and treating will play a critical role in the decision-making process. The county is monitoring the public health and testing data simultaneously so a determination can be made on the timing of a phased economic restoration.    The Recovery Planning Task Force will start meeting this week. A representative will provide updates to the Board of County Commissioners during its twice-weekly public meetings.