Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well the “we are all in this together” is getting a little old.
We are, however, staying home. Or supposed too. I mean it is worth risking getting sick, and I mean ventilator sick, to get some Rocky Road ice cream?
Is it worth endangering  an older person who may need your help? The answer is just plain “no.”
I am one of the lucky ones. I have a framework of people I can talk too. I have hobbies to work on. I have a nice safe place to live and access to groceries and necessities without endangering myself.
I also have pets. Pets lower your blood pressure and extend your life. I  am not sure if Max realizes he is important to me or not. He is my sounding board. I run ideas by him all the time. I must say sentences that contain the words, “walk,” “bye. bye,” or “treat” get much more interest than words like “virus” and “now what?”
I was talking to my boss and realized I was running ideas by Max. I don’t believe I am crazy or even stir crazy.
I think the very act of bouncing ideas off someone or something else, helps you sort out just what you need to do.
So Max is my new consultant of sorts. I do however wonder if he deliberately gives me bad advice just to watch me freak out and have to redirect?
His day is filled with chewing on toys, watching out front for unattended dogs and looking at whatever that thing is on the patio with the fuzzy tail. Plus washing his various body parts, a lot!.
The cats are giving him a wide berth. They have very private hidey spots upstairs. They are so good I could swear they have gotten out  or escaped. Max could easily tell their secrets.
The problem with me at home, his nap schedule has been disturbed.
So to pay me back he gave me bad advice. Just to even the score.
No, my dog doesn’t actually talk , and I bounce ideas off my kids and other people.
But the very act of getting input from another source gives you things to consider that you may have overlooked. Find that one person to be your impartial sounding board. Value their opinion and tell them thank you for caring enough to offer solutions.
As always, stay home. Your life isn’t worth that ice cream.
Losing a family member or friend isn’t worth it either. Spring is almost here. We have more light. We can sit outside, wave at people and hear children laughing.
Oh, Max says this column is a little wishy-washy, but he is  just mad I took his place on the couch for a little while.
Be safe, stay healthy!