School is not closed, only the buildings are. Inside work continues during the historic statewide school shut down due to COVID-19. Photo courtesy of USD 231

As a result of COVID-19 and the closing of school buildings, school districts had to submit an application to waive 2019-2020 attendance requirements in order to receive exemption from KSA 72-3115. Hours are: 1,116 attendance hours for all students and 1,086 attendance hours for high school seniors.
To apply for the waiver, USD 231 had to complete and submit by April 8 the following items contained within this document: Waiver Application; Assurances Document; and Continuous Learning Plan Application.
On the district’s website, learning plans are listed for individual grades.
The website reads, in part: “In unprecedented times, our community (students, staff, families, community members) are coming together as never before to support our children. USD 231 teachers and administrators are working together to meet the challenges of Continuous Learning. We recognize families and caregivers are collaborating with us in ways never before anticipated. Parents are moving home to work and now must balance the education of their children as well. We are here to lead and assist by sharing our expertise and time to provide learning opportunities which are accessible and respectful of the many demands on our families.
Using the Kansas Continuous Learning 2020 framework, the Gardner Edgerton Continuous Learning committee has developed a plan for schools, teachers, and our community to work together during this transition.”
Additionally, you can expect educators to communicate with your children (their students) in order to reconnect them to school continuing the relationships that were built during the previous three quarters of this school year. Teachers will be using platforms you are familiar with such as SeeSaw, Zoom, Google Classroom, and new technologies such as Flipgrid, Bloomz, and others.”
In addition: “Families play an important role in continuous learning. Understanding what is expected of your child, creating a daily schedule, and identifying a dedicated learning space are some ways to support continuous learning. Suggestions to support in-home learning include:

• Visit the district website weekly to access the educational information.
• Assist your student in understanding and following the directions.
• Assist your student in selecting the appropriate level of reading material for choice options (see resources below for ebook access)
• Discuss the assignment and the completed work with your student.
• Set up a daily schedule and routine for your child(ren)”