The Gardner City Council, recently voted to eliminate the electric charges that were billed in March for residential customers and credit commercial customers for the use of their first 5000 KW/h of electricity. The city initially changed its rate structure for electric services at the start of the year, which already gave more than 82 percent of its customers a two percent reduction.
Eliminating a month’s worth of billing expenses to residential customers and covering up to 5000KW/h of electricity for businesses will cost the city approximately $790,000 in lost revenue.
Currently the city’s utility billing staff is working to process an adjustment to all residential and commercial electric customers’ accounts for the electric charges that were billed on their March 2020 utility bills. These bills are the ones that customers already received in March.
For those customers who have already paid their March bill, they will see a credit balance on their April 2020 bill.
For customers who have yet to pay their March bill, they can remove the electric charge and pay only the water and sewer charges.
The utility staff planned to have all adjustments posted to each account by 5 p.m. on April 6. Customers will be able to see the balance adjustment by logging into their utility account at