Gardner residents would receive a good grade on their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine.
“In my opinion, our community has been excellent in their response to the Stay at Home order. I would give our city a 10,” said Jay Belcher, Gardner Police Chief.
Governor Laura Kelly’s placed all Kansas residents under a stay at home order, and limited gatherings to 10 or less persons. Gardner residents have been compliant. “There have been no citations issued at this point, and it is our intent to educate and gain compliance from that education. We understand this is uncharted territory for everyone,” Belcher continued.
Area residents have donated hand sanitizers and facemasks to the department. “ Our community has been so caring about our first responders. We have had numerous donations of hand sanitizers and homemade masks. It makes us appreciate our community knowing how they continue to care about all the first responders in our area,” he said.
Officers are attempting to follow the social distancing guidelines specified for COVID-19. “When it comes to our efforts, we are having our employees really do their best at social distancing while they are on calls,” Belcher said. “ We understand that not every call is going to allow us to social distance the entire time, but we are doing our best.
Beclcher asks that residents stay up to date on issues. “Stay informed on the current situation and please take any order serious that is given by local or state authorities,” he said.