Pam Stranathan
USD 231 Superintendent
Guest Columnist
It is incredible to me that in less than five days, 120 hours, Team Gardner Edgerton moved the entire district to an at-home, teacher, student, and parent-led learning model. We have overcome the obstacles of delivering nearly 20,000 meals, lack of technology equipment, providing online teacher training, and a multitude of issues that come with a change of this magnitude. Five days! Five days to develop online learning content and a delivery model/expectations for our certified staff to reconnect and inspire our students. Five days to establish a web structure to host all of the academic content and resources. Five days to gather online resources so aligned learning can continue to take place. Five days to train approximately 500 teachers in a whole methodology of work.
Imagine that! Only five days to mobilize a community of partners and volunteers to assist our children!
As you visit our website,, I am confident you will find answers to many of your most pressing questions. Even though we can’t be with you in person, never forget that we still have our hands and our arms wrapped around our children to support them.