Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well our new normal is far from what we imagined it to be.
I have a classmate who recently retired. Actually she retired the same time the stay in place order showed up.
She is very crafty, and very talented, with an eye for color and balance. She works in paper and cloth and cooks. I think she believed she would be able to go places and see things. She is at home doing her best to get along.
So our new normal is just that. We get by. We talk on the phone or video chat, or shout a hello to a neighbor at a distance.
If you are lucky, maybe you pulled out a jig saw puzzle to pass your time. I have to snicker here. I gave away my puzzles when I moved. I would get another when I needed it. But alas, puzzles are as elusive as the rare toilet paper and the rarer dozen eggs.
So I went online. I found them on the local sales giant. Prices seem to be anywhere from $15 to $50. For a puzzle? Yes, indeedy.
So I went to the online crafty site. Puzzles were cheaper, but used. Meaning all 500 or 1000 pieces may or may not be there. Are you feeling lucky?
I settled on the “let’s make a deal site.” I bid on and won a puzzle for about $7. I will let you know how it goes.
I guess something else that is hard pressed to find is a bread maker. Those little handy dandy machines were all the rage a few years back. Make your own bread. Makes your house smell so good. The hardest ingredient to find was the powdered milk. Now it’s the whole doggone machine.
It appears Easter will be a possible no show this year. Kids will have to hide and hunt in their own yards just like when my kids were little. Churches are looking for online venues to have services.
So spring has crept into our little sequestered world. If you look outside it is here. Trees, birds and the tiny little spring peepers are all oblivious to our plight.
The world goes on without our input. Hummm — If you look at a world map, the air pollution is almost non existent. Isn’t that something?
So once again. Stay at home! Use online ordering and pick up if you can. Check on your neighbors. Even from a distance. Thank those still standing and working a cash register or delivering your mail. Our police officers are out there as our doctors and firemen and EMT’s.  Tell them thank you.
If you have that golden bread machine maybe make a loaf for the lonely neighbor. Write them a note, give them a call and leave it on their porch for them.
We are resilient, and we will get through this. Maybe our planet will even be better(pollution wise) after this.