Mike Brown
Johnson County Commissioner
As your Johnson County Commissioner, I have been working non-stop for nearly 3 weeks on Coronavirus issues and doing my best to minimize negative impacts on our community. County government across America has been the epicenter of public health decisions and our county has been the hotspot in Kansas.
To that end, there have been thousands of phone calls, voicemails, teleconferences, texts, private messages, social media and email communications. The information has flowed like a wide and deep raging river. Answering questions quickly is paramount but being accurate is just as important. Folks want me to address their concerns and quell their fears and I see this as my responsibility as a Commissioner.
To answer their questions I’ve engaged contacts in the White House, throughout Federal, State of Kansas and Johnson County Goverment among with local municipalities. The intersections of these governments are where some solutions can be found and many problems have been resolved. Government should be helping where it can and otherwise get out of the way.
I would like to thank our first responders and all hospital staff across our county and region including nurses, doctors and office staff for their service, bravery and dedication. At a time when many of us are at home with doors closed and windows shut avoiding other people first responders have served valiantly by racing toward people who need their help. Hospital staff have cared for them too. These folks have risked their health, lives and the stability of good health in their personal homes with their families by helping complete strangers in their time of need. Thank you.
I’ve asked, pleaded, pushed, pulled and finally demanded action from Johnson County Government regarding Covid-19 testing. Without testing data, we are left to base huge decisions on best-guess scenarios when for less than $1 per citizen we can get real data to create scientific and mathematical projections. I’ve been frustrated with the slow-roll of a testing plan – and I will not back down.
Businesses are struggling and the questions are many. I’ve had multiple communications with the Small Business Administration (SBA). They have been clunky but are adapting rapidly. If you own a small business suffering the impacts of this pandemic, go to sba.gov/coronavirus and begin the processing of applying for assistance in the form of low-interest loans or grants. If you do not ask for help there is no way for SBA to know you need help.
Johnson County Goverment is well aware property taxes in general are a source of much concern. Delays in payment dates are driven by the Kansas Legislature and I expect guidance soon so we are going ahead with preparations to be ready. Valuations and mill levy are also a concern and I am driving this conversation too. Watch for more information very soon.
If you have questions about the current Stay at Home Oder issued by our Governor, please call 1-877-579-6757.
If you have questions related to Johnson County please call 913-715-5000.
If I can help you interface with your government at any level, please email me at [email protected]  or call me at (913) 715-0436. I’m here to help you, your family and your business.
And finally, these are uncertain times but soon this will end and the big, beautiful America we’ve always known will be back. Until then, I’m praying for you and your health. I’m hustling to receive and glean more information so I can continue to be a valuable resource. And while I’m occasionally overloaded,  I simply love being your Commissioner.
Be safe. Be well.