Weddings and funerals were banned under the recent COVID-19 “stay at home” quarantine, but Bruce Funeral Home continues to serve the public.
Rules for funeral services are changing rapidly, said Shirley Bruce-Brown VanArsdale, owner Bruce Funeral Home.
Last week, two funeral services were held under the new rules: one when guidelines were for under 50 people and the other when guidelines changed and only ten were allowed, she said. There were 42 persons at one and eight at the other.
Those rules changed this weekend when the county issued a stay-at-home order.
“We are awaiting guideline updates,” VanArsdale said. Guidelines will come from Topeka or the Funeral Directors Association.
Rules are changing rapidly,” she said. The office at 106 S. Center is now closed to the public except by appointment, 856-7111.
At this time, most memorials are postponed until a later date.