Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So there we were laughing and worried about a week with a full moon, Friday the 13th and St Patrick’s Day.
Then the rug was pulled out from under us.
For most of us, it seems our lives won’t ever be the same, but we just don’t know.
One day at a time. This is what we are doing.
One day at a time, more and more things have been cancelled, shut down and permanently postponed.
If you are a person who is comfortable with reading and TV and walking your dog on a sparsely occupied street. It isn’t a big strain at first. If you are a social person, giving up your church attendance, trips to the gym or the “Y” to exercise or your book clubs, movies and eating out, well it’s not at all pleasant.
You miss the interaction. You miss people.
Those of us over 60 are laying low. Or we should be.
In my life the last time I can think of an event that targeted a specific age group of people was the Vietnam War. I don’t know the exact numbers, but the young men we lost was staggering.
We knew this year as soon as the revelers came back from spring break the number of Coronavirus cases would surge. Like gas on a fire.
One  day at a time. Not even daring to think about when this would all be over. Possibly no baseball. No summer soccer. Worse than that no amusement parks or swimming pools or parks and county fairs.
There is still a chill in the air, so outside is still not a urgent, dire need. But it will come.
Those of us who garden will feel a deep need to plant. Vegetables, fruits, things to eat and flowers. Flowers! At my age every spring is an urgent need for flowers. I don’t want to miss even one spring.
But then you have to weigh the option; for example is it worth risking your life or hospitalization or even infecting an older family member, just to pick up something from the grocery store. You think long and hard.
So greenhouses and flowers seemed so far away. There was hope however. A local greenhouse  has set up shopping in their store and drive up pick up. Not a perfect option, but in a world where being outside just might make or break your mental health, a pretty good option.
So let’s follow the rules. Put this virus to ground. Make covid19 something we are done with.
Let’s do it and get it done and get on with life.