Tobi Jeurink and Sara Rodriguez enjoy their work at Jeurink Family Chiropractic and Wellness, 325 E. Main Street , Suite C, Gardner. Submitted photo

Kiesa Kay

Special to The Gardner News
Tobi Jeurink struggled with pain in childhood, and she had to be resilient to keep going.
“I grew up with arthritis, a genetic condition that caused pain. I was told that I could be in a wheelchair by the time I was an adult,” Jeurink said. “Chiropractic care kept me walking.”
She decided that she wanted to become a chiropractor and help other people be freed from pain. In 2001, recently graduated from Cleveland School of Chiropractic in Kansas City, she came to Gardner and opened up Jeurink Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center, currently located at 325 E. Main Street, Suite C
“I offer more than chiropractic care,” Jeurink said. “The center offers nutrition, lab work, neurofeedback — it’s a one stop health shop. There is not only one right diet, because each person is different. With analysis of lab work, history, genetics, gut flora, and colonic bacteria, we can individualize plans for each person.”
She has flourished as a chiropractor. From 2018 to 2019, she became the president of the Kansas Chiropractic Association, the oldest chiropractic association in the United States. Formed in 1911, KCA helped create the first law in the world to license chiropractors. As a licensed chiropractor in Kansas, she follows in the footsteps of Anna Mae Foy, the first Doctor of Chiropractic to receive a license to practice in Kansas and in the world.
Her term ended in December, but she plans to continue advocating at the state and national level. She has been a Board member since 2007. She’s been advocating for the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act of 2019 (HR 3654). This bipartisan legislation, introduced by Reps. Brian Higgins (D-NY) and Tom Reed (R-NY), would define chiropractors as physicians in the Medicare program, and would allow people on Medicare to have access to all the benefits allowed under the chiropractor’s state licensure.
Under current policies, Medicare covers only a chiropractic adjustment, Jeurink explained. If a patient needs something else, such as an X-ray for diagnostic purposes or any of a myriad of services, that person has to use a general practitioner, get special authorization, get the procedure done, and then return to the chiropractor for the adjustment. This situation can slow service delivery, and sometimes patients don’t want to go to other doctors or they experience lengthy waits to get into see those doctors. The new bill would help more people get the care they need in an efficient way, and Jeurink urges people in Johnson County to contact their representative, Sharice Davids, to let her know their support for the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act.
“All of us have family, and we all want people to have the care they need,” Jeurink said
Jeurink found ways to expand the fun in her life as her business grew, too. She and her husband enjoyed biking, hiking, and scuba diving. They took trips to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy. They rode from Brussels to Amsterdam on bicycles.
“In other countries, it’s a way of life, not an inconvenience,” Jeurink said. “Drivers aren’t distracted or aggressive, and people have less reliance on their phones.”
Bicycling became a way for her to relax and enjoy life, until a tragic accident interrupted everything. Jeurink was bicycling in the Cider Mill Century on Kansas Highway 68. The annual bicycling event begins at the Louisburg Cider Mill and continues through Miami and Linn Counties. A semi-truck carrying a combine was passing her as she bicycled east, and the rear tire of the combine struck her Canondale road bike and sent her sprawling. She had been an avid bicyclist for 12 years, but she hasn’t been able to get on the bicycle since then.
“Some damage is irreversible, but good nutrition and care can help,” she said. “My colleagues in this profession helped me find the care I needed, and my brain has been recovering.”
The neurofeedback that she now offers at Jeurink Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center became an essential tool for helping to heal her post-concussion syndrome, including memory loss and vertigo.
“Neurofeedback helps post-concussion syndrome, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and it can repair memory loss,” Jeurink said. “The traditional model for treating concussion syndrome has been to give it time, but brain reprocessing can help. An EEG – brain map – sees where miscommunication occurs in the lobes, and then neurofeedback retrains the brain, with sight, sound, and light waves.”
Jeurink’s family and the staff have pitched in with extra vigor to get through a difficult time. Within a week of the accident, Jeurink hired a doctor to do the adjustments. Her staff did all they could to pick up the slack.
“I have a great staff,” Jeurink said.
Her staff members feel the same way about her, and even give her praise for helping them to find their paths to healthier lives.
“I was her patient before I started working here,” said Sara Rodriguez, office manager. “I discovered how a natural lifestyle could improve my health. It feels good to work for someone who wants to help everyone be healthier.”
As Jeurink regains her health, the accident has inspired her to help others even more. She advocates for community awareness of the three foot law. Kansas State law K.S.A. 8-1516 states that drivers must pass to the left at a distance of not less than three feet, and do not drive to the right side of the roadway until the vehicle is safely clear of the overtaken bicycle. Every time life deals a setback to Jeurink, she steps up to the challenge.
“We all constantly change, and hopefully grow,” Jeurink said. “I’ve learned to be very adaptive. I believe in adaptability.”
Resilience, adaptability and staff ingenuity have kept Jeurink Family Chiropractic and Wellness going. Jeurink has relied on the tools that she now offers to help others, so she knows firsthand what a difference those tools can make in times of stress and in everyday life.
Rodriguez smiled as she said, “It is a huge blessing to be here every workday, and it’s highly motivating.”
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