Kristen Gore
League Tournament
8th Grade Varsity @ Eudora with second place
Score Game #1 vs. PRMS:  Won 47-28
The Huskies traveled to Eudora to face Pioneer Ridge in their first game Saturday morning. The team blazed to victory. Cooper Williams had 14 points, two rebounds and a block. Taden Burke had 11 points, eight rebounds, three steals and five assists. Colton Hawkinson scored seven points, seven rebounds and a block. Mayson Roberts has six points, four rebounds, two steals and an assist. Dalton Jackson had four points, four rebounds, and an assist. Carson Hilton his a buzzer beater three-pointer, six rebounds and two assists. Tucker Williams has two points, four rebounds and a steal. It was a great team win leading to playing for the championship next.
Score Game #2 vs.WMS:  Lost 35-51
The huskies made their way to the championship game Saturday and lost to a very good, undefeated Wheatridge. Dalton Jackson led scorers with 13 points. Cooper Williams had eight, Mayson Roberts had seven, Carson Hilton had five, and Taden Burke and Colton Hawkinson each added a free throw. Dalton Jackson was a beast on the boards with nine and Colton Hawkinson had five. Carson Hilton brought tough defense all game and had three steals. Dalton Jackson had two big blocks. Way to finish out a great season with a record of 10 wins and only five losses and bringing home a second place finish in the league tournament. Coach Gore is very proud to have coached such a great group of young men!
8th  Grade JV @ Baldwin with second place
Score Game #1 vs. Eudora: W 34-31
The Huskies traveled to Baldwin to face Eudora and after trailing the first three quarters burst forth with a vengeance in the fourth quarter to score 17 points and Win 34-31. Ethan Lange made 6 of 7 Free throws in the 4th quarter to seal the victory and had 11 points total and three steals. Myles Hornbuckle scored 8 points and had two steals. Lucas Strother had eight points and four rebounds. Leading rebounders were Jackson Rhea and Alex Veeman with five each. It was a great come from behind Victory, leading into the championship game.
Score Game #2 vs. PRMS: L 21-48
The Huskies made it to the championship game. They ran into a red hot Pioneer team and lost. Alex Veeman led all scorers with sevem points and nine rebounds. Way to finish out a great season with a record of 11 wins and only four losses and bringing home a second place finish in the league tournament. Coach Gunderson is very proud to have coached such a talented, great group of young men!
7th Grade JV @ WMS
Score Game #1:  Eudora L 31-34
After rallying late in the second half, the Huskies couldn’t muster enough points to take the game over Eudora.  Leading scorer was Luke Ross with eight points to go with four steals and four rebounds. Riley Williams had six points and three steals.  Drew Watts and Jacob Pahls each added five more points. Pahls had three blocked shots and Watts had eight rebounds. Chase Dennis had four points, and Blake Hunt had three.  Braydon Yeager hauled in nine rebounds, while Jovan Mereles-Tse contributed two assists and two steals. Gage Davis had six rebounds, and Nathan Smith added an assist.
Score Game #2:  PRMS L 28-31
The Huskies were back at it right after the tough Eudora loss taking on Pioneer Ridge.  They again fought hard but came up three points short. Leading scorer was Blake Hunt with eight.  Luke Ross added seven points to go with six steals and five rebounds. Nathan Smith had three points, and Riley Williams, Jovan Mereles-Tse, Gage Davis, Braydon Yeager, and Drew Watts each added two points.  Jacob Pahls had five rebounds and Chase Dennis had four steals. It was a tough loss and a rough way to end the season, but Coach Roberts is very proud of the boys and their effort and growth this season!
Thursday, February 27, 2020 vs. Baldwin Middle School
7th Grade Varsity Score: L 32-33
The boys started slow but came alive during the fourth quarter, scoring 17 points. A heartbreaking loss happened as Danny Wahl hit a game-tying shot at the buzzer, but was called for a foot on the line. The Huskies lost by one. Danny Wahl led all scorers with 13 points. Michael Garrie had eight points, five assists, and two steals. Easton Cordell had six points, three assists, three rebounds and one steal. Hayden Schulz had three points, three blocks, and six rebounds. Glenn Griffin had two points and four rebounds. The Huskies went out strong and never quit.