Kiesa Kay
Contributing Columnist
To celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s honor those women who go to work every day to feed their families, keep clothes on their children’s backs, and then come home to make dinner, grab some sleep, and do it all over again the next day.
Let’s honor not only the women who have achieved in academia and the workplace, but also those women who have taken the time to raise their children, love their grandchildren, and create homes for their families, in one or many places.
No two people share the same circumstances or the same opportunities.
For a school assignment, one child wrote, “Some mothers are teachers and some mothers are track walkers.” Her mother worked on the railroad, working split shifts, night shifts, and sometimes driving far from home. She wanted nothing more than to be home with her children.
She couldn’t afford her own dreams. She wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, or better yet, stay home, bake bread and sew dresses. Her work, and the work of women of her generation, paved the way for all three of her daughters to be able to choose what they would do for a living.
Today, let’s honor the women who have done double duty; the women who yearn to stay home, and raise their own children; the women who square their shoulders, take deep breaths, and go out even in the coldest winter weather to take care of their families and the ones they love.
Today, as we think of Women’s History Month, let’s go beyond the obvious accolades. Let’s honor the women who have risked breaking their own backs when they lifted others up. Equal pay for equal work and paid child care matter, but plenty of women and men both would like to have more time with their families.
Today, let’s honor the women who want to stay home, but go to work so their families can have a home.
Thanks, Mom.