Mike Brown
6th County Commission
As your Johnson County Commissioner I have worked hard again this year to represent you, your families and your businesses. I fight daily to keep the cost of Johnson County Government down, the service levels high and to get the right people in the right seats to make Johnson County Government more efficient in every way; faster, cheaper and better.
It is your money. It is your government.
I never forget this responsibility when making decisions on your behalf as your County Commissioner.
In that vein, last year brought us the opportunity to hire a new Johnson County Appraiser, David (Beau) Boisvert, who has come to us by way of Arizona. It was a priority to me to personally to get a new appraiser in that seat and for it to be a person who came to us with knowledge and experience and with no preconceived notions or practices. I was looking for and wanted a change-agent to create a new culture at the Johnson County Appraisers Office. We needed a fresh start with non-jaded eyes. I have high hopes for Beau and am highly confident in our new appraiser and his abilities and I have already seen evidence of the changing culture in that department… and the best is yet to come.
This year I also forged or furthered friendships, both personal and professional, with folks in the White House and in the various departments in the federal government, including folks in the Department of Treasury, Interior, Trade Representatives, Small Business Administration, Transportation and the White House Office, among others. Having these connections allows me to help you get connected with folks at every level of your government to get the help and resources you need – and pay for – through your taxes. Please let me know if I can help you.
This year will be another of changes and growth in the southwest part of our county. We are indeed growing and changing rapidly. I realize some may not like the change but regardless of a desire to hold it back I assure you it’s coming… along with great things like jobs and revenues but also with challenges such as truck traffic and the growing pains of infrastructure improvements and expansion. Patience is called for and needed as these improvements are worked on and completed.
Finally, I would like to ask for your demonstrated patriotism as we are entering what is sure to be rough-and-tumble election year. Disagreement with candidates does not make them your enemies. We are all imperfect and in need of a bit of grace from time to time and to that end I ask you to take care of each other, be kind and throughout 2020 and always forever #LeanIn.
Now let’s turn our collective attention to getting busy in making our Johnson County, the #Big6th and #MySweetFairKansas an ever-better home on the range.