Winners of the 2020 art contest by JCPRD student are, left to right, second place winner, Zella Smith; third place winner, Addison Winters; and first place winner Janai Belcher. Behind winners is the contest judge, Danny Meisinger of Spinning Earth Pottery in Gardner. Submitted photo

The 2020 Art Contest for students in the JCPRD Afterschool Care class at Gardner Elementary ended Feb. 6, with honors going to Janai Belcher, Zella Smith and Addison Winters.
Initially, the class was given two weeks to draw what they saw in a “two horses” piece donated by artist Mike Hinojosa.
Artists expressed themselves either on canvas or on paper using either pencil or acrylic. All of the submitted art had merits and deserved praise.
Danny Meisinger, owner of Spinning Earth Pottery in Gardner, judged entries and taught the class about subjectivity when it comes to drawing something.
First place went to Janai Belcher. Belcher received a $50 gift card and took home Hinojosa’s framed original artwork.
Second place went to Zella Smith. Smith received a $20 ecard for her efforts.
Third place went to Addison Winters. Winters took home a $10 gift card.