Officer White and Dr. Todd Winters award Summer Walker $10 and a free T-shirt for wearing her seatbelt. Submitted photo

Each year the Gardner Police Department participates in the Click It or Ticket national campaign.
The officers that sign up for the event focus on seat belt violations, said Sgt. Steve Benz, GPD. “Seat belt use is proven to save lives every day, and wearing one is not only incredibly easy to do, it is the law. ”
Between Jan. 27 – 31, three officers worked 20 hours of overtime and stopped 43 cars, writing 33 tickets and seven tickets for additional violations.
The GPD also participates in a year round “You’ve Been Caught” program. This program allows officers who witness civilians doing good deeds to reward them.
“That can be seat belt usage, very safe driving, or just being a kind and thoughtful citizen around town,” Benz said. “If an officer sees an action that they believe should be rewarded, the officer can give the citizen a special ticket that
has their name and date on it, as well as the positive behavior observed.”