During the Jan. 20 Gardner City Council meeting, additional property was annexed into the city limits.
Larry Powell, economic and development director, said this is a standalone annexation that had been passed by when they annexed along 199th. The property owner needed more time to review the process, but they have since decided they wish to participate in the annexation process.
Forms had been signed and the council approved the voluntary consent annexation request of Susan J. Lowe, according to the minutes.
There was also an annexation of six separate parcels of land. The addresses are not provided in the meeting minutes.
Randy Gregorcyk, council member, asked if it’s allowed for Jim Pruetting, city administrator, to be the notary on file. Powell asked if this is directed to the fact that he’s the city administrator. Gregorcyk confirmed.
Powell said the activity for the notary is simply to verify that the person has been properly identified as the owner of the property who is signing the annexation form. That is a requirement for the state statute, to quantify the ownership. It can be done by any notary, and Pruetting was the notary that happened to be available that day.
According to his contract, Pruetting receives a bonus based upon number of acres annexed. In 2019 received an annexation bonus in excess of $12,000.