Although Gardner does not provide Christmas bonuses, employees do receive longevity bonuses based on time of service.
For the year ending 2019, employees received $31,364, according to Sharon Rose, city clerk. The amount was distributed to 150 employees.
Bonuses are based on months of continuous service with the city and are $2 per month.
Bonuses are distributed annually by Dec. 31 to those who are on payroll at the time the bonuses are issued. Bonuses received by employees are “grossed up” to pay for any applicable taxes, according to Rose.
Longevity bonuses are dependent on budgetary resources, and there is no guarantee bonuses will be paid, according to city policy.
Under Edgerton’s longevity bonus, $1,854 was distributed.
The longevity bonus is paid out at $1.50 per month of employment with Edgerton, according to Kara Banks, public information officer.
“The city’s employees received anywhere from $50 to $534 each based on their tenure,” Banks said.
Employees who hadn’t worked at least 33 months and part-time employees received a minimum $50 bonus. A total of 18 employees were awarded longevity bonuses in 2019.