Rich Melton, Gardner City Council, spent $2,710.68 in the November election, according to his campaign finance report which was filed Jan. 6, after the December due date.
Melton came in second in the election with 793 votes.
Melton doesn’t list where about $2,200 came from: he lists no money on hand at the beginning of the period, $519 contributed and $2,710.68 spent.
The donations listed are: Darron deBoer, $20; Tim Dryer, $20; Scott Smith, $20; Ernie Honas, $20; Deana Kincade, $20; Eric Arnold, $20; Lee Moore, $60; Mike Butler, $200; Teresa Cowell, $20; Jason Welch, $40; Marci Hayes, $20; William Boillot, $20; Arlene Strass, $9; Steve Owen, $20; and Adrianna Meder, $10.
According to expenditures, Melton spent $165.15 on balloons and pop, $95.41 for Pizza Hut, $30.64 for Caseys Pizza; $38.28 for Gambino’s Pizza; $933.27 to Ball and Cross Communications; $443.15 for Design 4 Sports t shirts; $182.03 UPS store banners and $822.75 M&R custom t shirts.
In total votes, Winters received 1068 votes; Melton, 793; Roberts, 730; Kacy Deaton, 714; Adrianna Meder, 710; and Jay Warren, 528.
Top-vote getter Todd Winters spent $571.54; Tory Roberts spent $219.69; Kacy Deaton listed $1485.66.
Jay Warren’s final campaign report is not listed at as filed. The preliminary report lists $400 received and $400 on hand thru September.
Adrianna Meder filed an affidavit of exemption.
Campaign finance reports were due Dec. 9. Reports are available online at