The 75+ year old stormwater spillway at Navy Park, NewCentury was recently demolished and replaced.  The spillway is being removed and the pond drained during repairs.  Photos courtesy of Aaron Otto, Johnson County Airport Commission

Dirks Dozing and Excavating, of Butler, MO, is repairing the spillway at Navy Park. Photos courtesy of Aaron Otto, Johnson County Airport Commision

The Johnson County Airport Commission is replacing a 1942 era spillway at Navy Park, 301 Gardner Drive, which has lived out its useful service life, said Aaron Otto, executive director of the Johnson County Airport Commission.
“These two detention ponds were constructed by the Department of Defense in the early 1940s when the airport was part of the Olathe Naval Air Station and most of the stormwater runoff from the runways flows into these ponds,” Otto explained.
The scope of work for the project will be to replace the spillway and remove the old railroad land bridge between the two bonds to create one pond with an increase capacity to capture storm water running off from the runways, he said. A few storm water pipes will be rehabbed during the process as well. Work on this project is expected to be completed by early summer 2020.
Dirks Dozing and Excavating, LLC, of Butler, MO, is completing the work, which they won as part of a competitive request for proposals effort, Otto said. The project is part of the commission’s FY19 Capital Improvement Program Budget. The overall cost will be around $1 to $1.1M between engineering, construction, earthwork, and repairing some other stormwater pipes in the area.  The project is being financed on a three to one basis, through a stormwater management advisory council grant from Johnson County Public Works with the balance from the Airport Commission.
The decision to move forward with the project was to include it in the FY19 budget back in 2017.  It was approved by the airport commission as well as the board of county commissioners, in coordination with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Otto asserted.