As Martin Luther King Day approaches, we have a dream.
We have a dream civility will return to the populace.
That people can talk politics and focus on issues instead of personalities.
That it’s okay to agree to disagree.
That how you get to the finish line is just as important as the outcome.
That “my way or the highway” gives way for honesty, ethical compromise and forward thinking.
That egos are put aside for good governance and leadership.
That integrity, loyalty and good character are once again taught and valued.
We believe shame is a healthy, learning tool.
That admitting to being wrong has merit; closed minds quit learning and become stale.
We have a dream for 2020.
That people stand up for what’s right, and not go along to get along.
We believe America is the greatest country on Earth.
And we dream that in 2020 we will all work together to be better.
Dreams can, and do, come true.