Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Winters, Mr. Melton and Mr. Mayor, do you really want to add Gardner to the list of Johnson County cities that no longer have a legitimate newspaper actively engaged in covering their city councils, their school boards and a wide range of various community activities, a list that already includes two cities with a population well in excess of 100,000, Olathe and Overland Park?
In this crazy, screwed-up digital world we’re living in where many people think that what they come across on Facebook and Twitter constitutes news, Gardner is fortunate to still have a local paper that actually covers City Hall, two of them, in fact, and the USD 231 “head shed,” but you’re doing your best to kill off the local paper. Shame on you!
Are you familiar with what no less an authority on government than Thomas Jefferson once said about the relationship between government and newspapers? If not, I highly recommend that you “Gargle” it like the baseball announcer likes to say on the radio when someone needs to find some information about something.
Well, good citizens of Gardner, at least there is cause for hope because Mr. Gregorcyk and Ms. Roberts are still on the city council and are willing to stand up and do what is right. Please get behind them and let your voices be heard. It’s not too late to save The Gardner News from the thin-skinned Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Winters, Mr. Melton, Mr. Mayor and the likes of them.

Rick Nichols
Olathe, Kan.