Campaign finance reports for the Gardner City council November 2019, election were due Dec. 9, unless candidates had filed an exemption or formed a committee and will do an end of year wrap up due Dec. 31, 2019. At press time, most candidates had filed a final report. The exceptions were Rich Melton and Jay Warren; a committee or exemption report had not been filed as of Dec. 31, according to election officials. Melton’s report covers May 1 – Aug. 6, 2019; and Warren’s June 3 – Aug. 6, 2019. Meder filed an affidavit of exemption. Up to date information is available at . Submitted graphic

Top-vote getter Todd Winters in the November Gardner City Council election spent $571.54, according to the campaign finance report filed with the Johnson County Election office.
Campaign finance reports were due Dec. 9. All council candidates had filed the final report by press time except Rich Melton and Jay Warren. Reports are available online at
According to the election office, Winters spent $571.54. Winters raised a total of $500 and had $71.54 available. Expenses were: $28.55 for copies from United Parcel Service and $542.99 to Ball and Cross Communications for signs.
Rich Melton had not filed his final campaign finance report, according to at press time. The preliminary report filed in October shows Melton spent $1447.93; however, it does not provide any information on contributors or in-kind service. According to the preliminary October report, Melton spent $443.15 for t-shirts, $182.03 for banner and another $822.75 for t-shirts.
Tory Roberts’ report indicates she received $219.69 in contributions from herself and lists expenditures at $140.79 for social media ads, $73.92 to Amazon for Halloween candy at a meet and greet and $4.98 to Price Chopper for candy at the candidate forum.
Kacy Deaton lists $1119.92 in contributions from OCM Lease Corp, $140 from City of Gardner refund, and $225.74 from Kacy Deaton, for a total of $1485.66. Expenses include $1119.92 to Ball and Cross Communications for campaign signs, $50 to election office; $243.19 too Ball and Cross Communications for palm cards; $21.31 for cupcakes from Walmart; and three purchases of $17.08 for cupcakes from Price Chopper.
Jay Warren’s final campaign report is not listed as filed. The preliminary report lists $400 received and $400 on hand thru September.
Adrianna Meder filed an affidavit of exemption.