With the snow and ice season upon us, the City of Gardner is reminding the public about its snow and ice removal process.
“Inclement weather impacts everyone – whether you’re a motorist or pedestrian,” said Michael Kramer, public works director. “We want to educate everyone about our snow and ice removal process to increase safety and improve accessibility for all our travelers.”
Below is the city’s snow and ice removal process for roads:
• Crews plow when snowfall has reached two inches or above, anything less, crews will pre-treat the roads with salt or a de-icer.
• Crews aim to plow curb to curb, so motorists should remove cars parked in the streets if a snow event is predicted. Also, visibility is difficult for operators, so children should play away from the curbs and avoid making snow forts near the roads.

Streets are cleared by ranking:
• Priority 1: Thoroughfare and arterial roads are completed first. These are the main roads that have the highest travel capacity.
• Priority 2: Collector and main-line residential roads follow. These types of streets have moderate capacity.
• Priority 3: Local residential streets will be cleared once the snow event ends, and the clearing of Priority 1 and 2 have been completed.
• Priority 4: Cul-de-sacs are plowed after snowfall ends, and Priority 2 and 3 streets are cleared.
Below are the city’s snow and ice removal requirements for sidewalks:
• Per city ordinance, property owners (businesses and residents), must remove snow and ice from their adjacent sidewalk(s), including adjacent ramps, within 48 hours of snowfall or 48 hours after sunrise should an event occur during the nighttime hours.
• Property owners are responsible for ensuring their sidewalks are cleared even in their absence.
Visit: www.gardnerkansas.gov/snowandiceremoval for more details.