Photo courtesy of The City of Edgerton

Kiesa Kay
Special to The Gardner News
Police and fire officials praised the Gardner Public Works Department for responding quickly and thoroughly to the winter storm this weekend.
“We got lucky here,” said Jake Hayes, Gardner police captain. “Public works was really on top of it. They do good work, and they got out there as soon as it started snowing. I’ve heard that our roads were better than many other areas. They do a good job for us.”
Twenty crew members in public works labored for 24 hours to get the roads clear in Gardner, according to Jody Demaline, public works superintendent.
Gardner had several slide-offs during the weekend, but only four non-injury accidents in a weekend that brought four to six inches of snow in Gardner, and even more in Edgerton.
While some folks sip cocoa by the fireplace, or tromp outdoors to make snowmen and have snowball fights, others have to get to work, and the street crews lead the way. The ones driving those snow plows are the true snow angels of the season, officials agreed.
“We fared pretty well,” said Kara Banks, communication and marketing manager for Edgerton. “Some areas got 7.5 inches of snow here. Our plow crews have touched every road in town and are going back to spot treat with this new round of snow coming down.”
Fire District 1 reported no fires and no major accidents in Gardner, Edgerton, or New Century.