Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Hard to believe the year has rushed past us.
Christmas is coming and people are getting ready.
I am not sure if it is the scattered nice days we are having or what, but it seems more people are decorating and buying Christmas items this year. Possibly it is the fact that some stores started displaying and selling the Christmas items when back-to-school was over.
Possibly people thought if they bought them, the Christmas items would just disappear from the stores altogether.
I posted a photo on Facebook in mid-November of a beautiful tree in a hotel lobby from years back.
The “No Christmas Trees before Thanksgiving” people took the opportunity to jump  on  that and remind me it was way too early. I should have brushed them aside and  gone looking for my holiday items right then.  I could have hidden most of my Noel till November 29, I am sure.
It takes me several weeks to find all the boxes and containers with my decorations safely wrapped inside. If I was an organized person there would be lists and numbered boxes and everything in a specific location.
As I have stated before, I love to look through the boxes and remember all the details of how the ornaments came about.
One year when my kids were little we made decorations with dough and cookie cutters. I was a little more artsy-craftsy back then. I still have a few of those ornaments.
Once the holiday is past, though, it is all hands on deck, and put it in any box you want.
While this isn’t a totally bad system, if you get out every single box of decorations every year, but some years I just don’t want to put up 15 boxes of goodies.
One year I couldn’t locate my nutcrackers. It really isn’t Christmas without them. I knew I hadn’t thrown them away. I found them in the middle of the summer, tucked into a box in my closet. I am not sure if there was egg nog involved or just me being forgetful.
I have to get everything out and on display — or do I?
I lose interest in decorating and cleaning pretty easily. At that point I just give up.
My Mom got to where putting up her tree and decorating it every year was just too much. I totally understand now.
It stood in a corner of her dining room covered with a sheet. She uncovered  it when she decided to be festive. She liked the tree but decorating all by  yourself can be a drag.
So now that the season is underway. I can post my Christmas photos, decorate or not decorate and enjoy online shopping. It too soon will be the middle of winter and fairly depressingly cold.
We all need to enjoy the sparkle and twinkle that comes with the holidays. It helps us get through those cold dreary days ahead.