Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I have searched my garage, my house and all my friends. I can’t find a single thing to write about that is funny. I am, at this point, all out of funny. The holiday was very good, and there are no complaints.
Well, maybe I have one. I am very tired of all this renaming of things to either initials or slang terms.
For example,  why call the president POTUS? Are you too lazy to type the President of the United States ? I don’t care if you voted for the present one, didn’t vote for him or whatever. Respect the office at least.
My biggest problem is a younger group of people calling us boomers. Not only that, but rolling their eyes and thinking we are outdated or too old to be relevant.
I am starting to realize my parents and grandparents despair over “them youngsters” ruining our country — or our lives.
I love my kids. I am very proud of them. They have jobs and homes and take civic duties seriously. They have debts and they pay their bills. Not all young people are the same.
I learned years ago when I entered the workforce that age wasn’t an issue. We all did our jobs. If someone couldn’t lift a box, you helped them. If you couldn’t get the numbers to match the totals, they showed you where to check your figures. It had very little to do with age.
I think we all believe we are entitled to certain things. It may be the right to live on a quiet street, or the right to be heard when you speak.
We all grew up in similar but different circumstances. These circumstances are the very things that formed the people we are now.
I don’t try to bash millennials. I am not even sure I know what years they were born.
But I don’t appreciate the eye rolls and fact younger people treat me like I am an outdated, useless person. I may not know how to program a computer or write code, but I can grow my own food, foresee what will happen when we get too much rain or not enough. I can read cursive and lots of times even can read the expressions on the faces of other people.
This boomer bashing is in my book is as bad as saying the words associated at this point with letters alone, like POTUS. We may call each other boomers, but that is for us to do, not meant for use by younger generation.
Maybe it is harder for the young people to realize our generation comes in every color, every religion and every ethnic diversification. We didn’t make this choice. It was made for us by our parents in a world where peace and middle class prosperity were happening for a little while.
Let’s all learn from each other.
Live in respect for people whatever their ages.
Share when asked secrets and tips for making life easier, whether it’s in technology or growing flowers and vegetables.
I hope the younger folks can enjoy all the beautiful things around them when my generation is long gone. I hope they pass on to their children how much their grandparents and others loved the world.
I hope respect is a value that is preserved.