The Gardner City Council took action on multiple agenda items at their meeting on Nov. 19.
The governing body adopted a modified Neighborhood Revitalization Act for the City of Gardner to stimulate new construction and the rehabilitation and development of the city to enhance public health, safety, or welfare of citizens. The city will forego increased property tax revenue created by construction of new and expanded business in three business zones and will forego the increased property tax revenue created by construction of new homes in the residential Neighborhood Revitalization Act. The Business and Economic Development Department reported that the property tax revenues of the areas enrolled in the Neighborhood Revitalization Act zones from 1997 to 2027 increased in property tax value of 352 percent and new construction value of more than 1,095 percent.
A public hearing has been set for 7 pm Dec. 16 at city hall, 120 E. Main, to consider the establishment of a Community Improvement District within the city. The Bristol Groupe has applied for the use of a CID using the State of Kansas Community Improvement District Act. A one percent CID sales tax would be imposed within the CID, used to reimburse the City for project costs or debt service relations to the improvements financed with the Waverly Plaza special benefit district, and to reimburse the developer for debt service.
Council previously had approved a petition from the Bristol Group for formation of a benefit district to construct certain infrastructure improvements to serve the Waverly Plaza Development and authorized improvements in accordance with Kansas Statutes. The Bristol Groupe asserted an increase in total costs and the Council increased the maximum levy against property in the district to $1,953,000 for benefit district improvements.
A resolution amended Resolution 2032, which formed a benefit district for Waverly Plaza Public Road and Waterline Improvements Project, increasing the maximum cost of improvements for the improvement district from $2,400,000 to $2,625,000, including costs of issuance for temporary notes and long-term bonds and interest expense on temporary notes. Cost of improvements will be assessed 74.4 percent againt the improvement district and 25.6 percent to be paid by the city at large, with proposed term of the improvement district at 20 years.
The Bristol Groupe has requested used of a community improvement district, a special benefit district, a neighborhood revitalization plan to provide property tax rebate on the commercial retail. The development is to include about 60,000 square feet of retail space with 307 parking spaces and multi-family housing with about 144 apartment nits, a pool, a club house, and garage structures with 274 parking spaces. Under a Memorandum of Understanding, the City took responsibility for desing and construction o fLaurel Street, with imposition of a one percent CID sales tax on the commercial portions of the project to reimburse project eligible costs for developer and the City.
“We’ll get a trail across 175 and up Waverly, and flooding fixed,” Mark Baldwin, councilmember, said. “It is a great benefit overall.”
Plaza South Developers, LLC also has applied for the use of a CID. The city intends to impose a one percent CID sales tax within that CID to reimburse eligible costs of the Plaza South Project. This project includes about 114,6000 sq. ft. of commercial and 132,600 sq. ft. of senior living.
The CID will have a term of up to 12 years, and reimbursable costs will be capped at $950,000. The city will retain an amount equal to three percent of the CID sales tax collected in the district as part of a city administrative fee.
In further matters of fiscal stewardship, the Council adopted a resolution authorizing the issuance and delivery of $1,140,000 principal amont of Tax Exempt General Obligation Temporary Notes, Series 2019 C, of the City of Gardner, Kansas, to temporarinly finance the cost of certain street and utility infrastructure improvements related to the 188th Street Special Benefit District (Plaza South).
The city council authorized the issuance and delivery of $2,555,000 principal amount of Taxable General Obligation Temporary Notes, Series 2019D, of the City of Gardner, Kansas for the purpose of temporarily financing ROW acquisition and certain street and utility infrastructure improvements related to the Waverly Public Road Special Benefit District (Waverly Plaza).
The city council adopted an ordinance authorizing $2,600,000 principal amount of General Obligation Bonds, Series 2019 E, and providing for levy and collection of an annual tax to pay the principal and interest of the bonds as they come due. The amount is to finance projects included in the City’s 2019 Pavement Management Program and to finance improvement to Santa Fe Street.
Annual estimated debt service of 2019 Pavement Management Program Improvements is about $100,000 and will be paid from Infrastructure Special Sales Tax Fund. The annual estimated debt service for Santa Fe from Waverly to Poplar is about $188,000 and will be paid from the Special Highway Fund.
Gonzalo Garcia, utilities director, discussed the need for a new Vactor combination vacuum and jetting truck. Since 2015, the city has spent more than $46,000 in truck repairs, and the truck has 35,000 miles and 3500 operating hours. Of five bids, the City Council voted to approve staff recommendation of Elliott Equipment Company, with a total cost of $338,000 to $358,000. Garcia said that the existing truck could be traded in for $50,000.
The staff also recommended authorizing a five-year lease agreement with Altec Capital for two specialty vehicles in the Electric Distribution Division, specifically a distribution digger derrick truck at a monthly rate of $3461, and a large aerial lift truck at a monthly rate of 3422, on a five year lease program excluding insurance and delivery charges. Altec Industries, Inc., had total purchase price of $230,345. The City Council voted to approve the recommendation of the Utility Advisory Committee to replace the trucks and chose the bid of Altec Industries, Inc.
The city council voted to change zoning classification for 2.5 acres of land at the northwest corner of West 167th and Kill Creek Road from $-1 to RP-1 Districe and approved an associated preliminary development paln for the Symphony Farms Amenities Area. The properties currently are neighborhood open space with a barn onsite previously used for gatherings.
The Council further decided that the term of office for members of the governing body shall begin at their swearin-in, at the city’s first city council meeting in December following certification of election, to adhere to state law.
The council went into private session at the end of the meeting.