Winters, Melton, Roberts receive top votes for Gardner City Council

The Gardner Council At Large race proved to be extremely close, with all candidates receiving more than 500 votes and none having more than a quarter of the total.

Todd Winters, incumbenr, led the votes for Gardner Council At Large, with 1056 votes or 23.33 percent of the total.  The incumbent will be joined by Rich Melton,incumbent,  who received 787 votes, or 17.38 percent, and Tory Kristen Roberts, who received 721 votes, or 15.93 percent.

The 4,527 votes cast included 710 for Kacy Deaton, 703 for Adrianna Meder, and 523 for Jay Warren, with 27 write-in votes.

The city council meets the first and third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers at 120 E. Main Street.

Schultz, Chapman, Boden, Strentz win USD 231 seats

Unified School District 231 filled four positions in this election. Kristen Schultz will take USD 231 Position 1, with 1242 of 1975 votes cast, or 62.89 percent. Jacque Hastert received 715 votes, with 15 write ins.

Greg Chapman won USD 231 Position 2, with 1045 of 1895 votes, or 55.15 percent. Benjamin Hodson received 833 votes, with 17 write ins.

Chapman has moved out of district and will not be able to serve, so Deb Starling, board clerk, is consulting with the superintendent of schools Pam Stranathan and Kansas State Board of Education regarding next steps.

Secretary of State Communications Director Katie Koupal said that in this situation, because they are no longer considered a qualified candidate, it is considered a vacancy. In this condition, the school board would seek individuals who might be interested and then they would choose someone at a board meeting. The person who fills the seat can run for office or decline the office next time the seat goes up for election.

Tressa Boden ran unopposed for USD 231 Position 3, and received 1665 of 1728 votes, or 96.35 percent, with 63 write ins.

USD Position 7 will be filled by Robin Strentz, who received 1388 of 1925 votes cast, or 72.1 percent. Ementi Coary received 520 votes, with 17 write-ins.

Smith receives most votes in Edgerton Council at Large race

For Edgerton Council at Large, Katee L. Smith led with 91 votes, followed by Joshua Beem with 88 and Craig Longanecker with 78. All three of them will join the Council.

Johnson County as a whole had a 16.9 percent voter turnout for this election, with 71,066 of 418,456 voters casting their votes, and every ballot made a difference.

The election office will provide an official count and certify votes at a later date.