Kennedy Botkin
4-H Club reporter
A recent job training at the K-State extension office job training featured booths all about fair entries, and the Comet Tech 4H Club put up a booth about computer science.
David Torres, 4H member, led a sphero challenge. A sphero is a tiny robot in the shape of a sphere that you can program to do many different things. The sphero challenge was to get a robot to go through an obstacle course made out of yellow pool noodles. To accomplish the goal, participants had to make a program for him to move. It is really hard to make a program that works and it is very hard to operate so participants had to go through a lot of trial and error.
Steven Greasby, the leader of the 4H Comet Tech First Lego League Robotics Club, set up a EV3 robot board . On the table there was an EV3 robot that could take its forklift arm and raise it, lowering a crane with a box on to the board. In robotics doing the different challenges on the board to earn points.
Newly elected officers received training at the fair on how to be effective as president, vice president, treasurer, reporters, secretary, and historians. Experienced 4H members led the officer training. They described how to get a ribbon at the fair or a pin for the office.
“It was really helpful and now people know more about their jobs than ever before!” one 4H member said.