Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Gardner City Council approved $3.75 million in bonds to finance several projects in the city during a meeting Oct. 22.
The bonds, which include $1,140,000 in tax exempt general obligation temporary notes, $2,350,000 in taxable general obligation temporary notes and $2,600,000 in general obligation bonds, will be put up for sale on Nov. 18.
The bonds will fund infrastructure improvements at the 188th street special benefit district known as the Plaza South Development project. “The notes for this project are anticipated to be tax exempt,” said Mathew Wolff, finance director.
The funds will also be used to fund infrastructure development for the Waverly Plaza public road and waterline special benefit district. The project includes the acquisition of right of way and other improvements that will serve the upcoming Waverly Plaza development project. Wolff said the notes for the project are anticipated to be taxable.
Wolff said a portion of the general obligation bonds are earmarked for the 2019 pavement management program while the rest will fund street improvement on Santa Fe from Waverly Road to Poplar road.
Wollf said the estimated $105,500 annual debt service for the pavement management program will be paid out of the Infrastructure Special Sales Tax Fund.

During the same meeting the council:
-tabled a motion to approve a $4 million contract with NextGen Inc for the implementation of the smart meter project. Several residents urged the council to reconsider the project citing possible health hazards posed by the electromagnetic fields created by the new technology. The council tabled the motion and asked staff and the Utilities Advisory Committee to develop an option for residents to opt out of the smart meter project.
-approved a motion to provide notice of a public hearing about the creation of a Community Improvement District and the authority to levy CID taxes on the Plaza South development.