Coach Taylor Mapp
The Blazers competed at the Mark Chipman Cat Classic on Oct. 11.
All teams performed well with both Boys Varsity and JV getting third place overall.
On the girls side, the varsity girls took second place overall with the JV girls capturing fifth place.
Below are all of the places and times for each of the athletes that competed.

Varsity Girls
6th Sarah Farrens 20:04
8th Joy Haney 20:47
9th Mallory Boden 20:53
14th Zoey Edwards 21:22
34th Makenna Bartels 23:15
37th Tyler Ringel 23:27

Varsity Boys
5th Quenton Walion 16:52
9th Wrenner Brown 17:12
12th Chance Kitchen 17:16
14th Mitch Lumley 17:24
23rd Owen Massoro 17:57
29th Kasen Keeler 18:20
31st Landon Comstock 18:21

JV Girls
17th Charli McGill 23:59
26th Angelica Gutierrez 24:50
34th Madeline Riggs 25:37
38th Taylor Dryden 25:40
54th Justine Ocanas 26:41
59th Kaylee Hawkinson 27:10
65th Harmony Hockman 27:32
67th Elizabeth Guevara 28:02
70th Brook Cape 28:16

JV Boys
3rd Jordan Kilonzo 18:30
4th Donald Chambers 18:30
18th Sergio Velazquez 19:05
20th Jude Graham 19:10
23th Gage Graham 19:14
24th Jacob Rhoades 19:17
29th Kobe Lewis 19:28
32nd Dany Vite 19:30
42nd Eric Massaro 19:51
48th Isaac MeiliĀ 20:03
49th Jackson Elsey 20:04
56th Tyler Williams 20:26
61st Leo Schranz 20:33
90th Carter Beasley 21:24
91st Andew Leach 21:24
92nd Brenton Wilden 21:25
100th Ben Pahls 21:31
101st Jacob Riggs 21:31
107th Chance Henson 21:39
130th Jackson Edwards 22:28
151st Isaiah Jenks 23:14
154th Nick Johnson 23:26
158th Noah Wise 23:32
161st Trevor Hamilton 23:50
172nd Jack Schroeter 24:09
174th Trey Duncanson 24:17
178th Jason Pitts 24:39
179th Aidan Harris 24:43
189th Chris Lewis 26:00
190th Nate wilson 26:01