Amy Bilger
The girls started off strong and played very well together which resulted in a win in the first set (25-19).
In the second set, the Lions were able to get a 6-1 lead to start the game. The Blazers fought hard to regain the lead, but in the end, it wasn’t enough and Lawrence took the second set (25-21).
The third set resembled many characteristics of the second set, Lawrence started with a small lead. Again, the Blazers worked hard to regain the lead and which they were able to but unfortunately, after a few minor errors, the Lions won the third set and took the match (18-16).
Even though the match didn’t result in our favor the Blazers played some of the best volleyball they have all season.
The Blazer JV volleyball team ended with a record of 10-2 in the Sunflower League and now holds an overall record of 18-7.