Coach Lindsey Eck
Oct. 7 the freshman B volleyball team played their last three games of the season in a Quad at St. Thomas Aquinas. The ladies took home one loss and two wins for the evening, ultimately ending their season with an overall record of 18-5 (with two splits), and a league record of 13-2.
The game against STA last night was intense. Having beat this team twice already, the ladies fought their hardest (and played one of the most spectacular games of their season) in order to take home another W. Unfortunately, the odds just weren’t in their favor, and the Saints were able to take home the win in two sets on their home court (21-25, 21-25).
The second game of the evening was against Blue Valley (who we’ve also played before and beaten). The ladies took home a win in two sets during this match, with Julian Stubler scoring a whopping 25 total points just on serves alone. The final scores for this match were 25-7 and 25-10.
Lastly, the ladies took Blue Valley West into three sets to end the evening. This was an intensely hype game. GE almost always take BVW into three sets (they are a very comparable team), and it was no different last night. The ladies fought hard, but lost the first set 27-29. They came back in the second set, stealing a win from BVW with a final score of 25-23. This pushed the ladies into a third set.
“You could tell by the look in their eyes that they were determined to take home one, final win for the season,” and they did, said Linsey Eck, coach. “Our ladies ended their third set with a final score of 15-12. It was quite the game to watch.
“It’s been an honor to coach these ladies this year,” Eck said. “I can’t believe the season is over already.”
Team members were: Alivia Drake, Nalleli Rolf, Emerson Cortner, Hallie Sherman, Julianna Stubler, Avery Williams, Caton Godschaal, Ashley Baalmann, Madi Clark, Ally Wilhite and Abbi Oldham.