The fall season in the school year is chock full of sports and extra curricular activities. Our kids are currently involved in all manner of sports ranging from cross country to football and volleyball.
During winter months, basketball will take over in gymnasiums across the county.
Kids in the Gardner-Edgerton school district have distinguished themselves in a lot of sporting arenas across the county and state.
This year the high school track and field team won 6A state championship and in the ongoing football season, the team is exhibiting excellence. We also have girls playing volleyball at a very high level.
We cheer on the kids who work hard at their sport dedicating hours of their day to become better everyday.
School sports are not all about winning, though.
It’s all about teaching.
School sports are just an extension of the classroom instruction, an important component in shaping the character of the students.
Sports have a lot to teach young people. Sports impart such values as teamwork, respect for the opponent and sportsmanship as well as mechanisms for coping with the occasional heartbreaking failure.
These lessons go on to serve the kids who participate in sports and other extra curricular activities well into the future.
There’s no career trajectory that is exempt from failures. There’s no job or profession that does not require working with other people or that does not demand respect for authority and co-workers. Those are values that are reinforced in sports.
We would be remiss not to mention the incredible work that our coaches play in school sports. These men and women devote their time to teaching the students the particular sport, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, place them in spots in the line-up where they can contribute and ensure the team achieves its goals. We applaud them.
We also applaud the parents who make sacrifices so that their children can participate in sports as well as community members who find the time to go out on home games and cheer our Blazers away. In a society that is highly individualized and which can often seem fragemented, school sports can foster a needed sense of community and the kids and coaches at USD 231 are doing an expemlary job.