Coach Lindsey Eck
The Blazer freshman B volleyball team competed at Patton last week. This resulted in yet another win for the ladies, ultimately improving their record to 11-1.
With two long bus rides (an hour each way) and a broken speaker (within five minutes of the bus ride to Patton), it appeared that we were in for a long evening, and that’s exactly what we got, said Lindsey Eck, coach. “Upon arriving at Patton, our warm-up was GREAT (the other team was definitely intimidated). But, this left our lady Blazers feeling, well, a little too confident.”
“Unfortunately, we started to underestimate our opponent. This made for a VERY scrappy first match with a too close for comfort final score of 25-22 said.
The second match was a little better, but the girls still lacked the energy needed to play their best. This also resulted in a scrappy match, but our girls ended the game with a final score of 25-12, Eck said. And the Patton coach asked if we could go into a third period anyway in order for her players to get more play time. The refs obliged, and the girls left with a third period win of 15-2.
In order to further explain how completely “off” this evening was, I’ve asked my players for their permission in sharing the following direct quotes from them (mentioned before leaving Patton and heading back to GEHS):
1. “I feel like my pride is hurt. I can’t believe we won that way. (We played so bad).”
2. “We’re walking out with a W, but it’s like we actually have two L’s taped together at an angle with a band-aide.”