Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
The Edgerton City Council approved a recommendation to expand the scope of the ongoing street reconstruction project during a meeting Sept. 26.
Dan Merkh, public works director, told the council that the change order was necessitated by a marked degradation of several streets surrounding the current project.
“During the winter of 2018-2019, the increased precipitation compared to previous years caused significant degradation to surrounding streets. This degradation has been expedited by the heavy truck traffic from this project,” he said.
Merkh said the degradation is greatest on Edgewood Drive and 7th street adding that additional roadways were at risk of worsening conditions.
He said the expanded scope of work will include mill and overlay with base repair and curb replacement on the additional roadways and an engineering solution to a drainage problem along Heather Knoll Drive.
Merkh said the additional work is estimated to cost $332,187 increasing the total cost of the project to $3,774,671.
He said that staff recommends raising an additional $300,068 in temporary notes with the $32,119 balance coming from the street excise tax.
On July 11 the council approved a $3 million maximum price, schedule and scope deal with Miles Excavating, Inc.
The project includes new installation of roadways, storm inlets, storm pipe, sidewalks, curb and gutter on several streets.
Among the roadways undergoing rehabilitation are Cumberland, 4th street, Shenandoah, Heather Knoll and 3rd street.
The project will also include adjustments to street lighting and utilities.
According to Merkh, a typical section of the project will consist of asphalt roadway, 28 ft. from back of curb to back of curb, low back curb, 5 ft. sidewalks on one side of the street and 50 feet of street right of way.
Beth Linn, city administrator, said the project would not be possible without revenues from the logistics park.
The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.