Coach Taylor Mapp
The varsity teams and the JV boys team traveled to Lawrence Ks for the Rim Rock Classic Sept. 28.
The girls team finished tenth which tied the highest finish in program history in the crimson division.
The boys finished sixth, which is the highest placing in program history in the crimson division.
Sarah Farrens became the first female runner to medal in her first Rim Rock Classic Varsity race with 17th place.
Quenton Walion joined a group of three other former elite Blazer runners in medaling at the Rim Rock classic with a 14th place finish.
The JV boys finished fifth in the combined crimson and blue division.
Times and places for each runner are:

Varsity Girls
17th Sarah Farrens 20:17
65th Joy Haney 21:17
75th Mallory Boden 21:28
102nd Zoey Edwards 22:07
123rd Natalie Claycamp 22:29
182nd Tyler Ringel 23:31
237th Hannah Elliot 25:40

Varsity Boys
14th Quenton Walion 16:51
58th Mitch Lumley 17:29
71st Chance Kitchen 17:41
82nd Wrenner Brown 17:44
106th Owen Massoro 18:00
162nd Kasen Keeler 18:30
171st Landon Comstock 18:36

JV Boys 
28th Teddy Gilmore 18:53
43rd Jude Graham 19:23
48th Jacob Rhoades 19:34
50th Gage Graham 19:35
60th Dany Vite 19:44
66th Sergio Velazquez 19:50
86th Eric Massaro 20:13