Coach Taylor Mapp
The JV/C team boys and girls traveled to Blue Valley Southwest Sept. 26 for the Canis Lupis Cup.
The weather was great, and both teams competed very well against good competition at a great venue. The girls team finished fourth overall with the boys finishing seventh.
Times and places for each competitor are listed below.

11th Laura Duun 23:52; 16th Makenna Bartels 24:24; 26th Angelica Gutierrez 25:07; 30th Charli McGill 25:30; 31st Madelyn Riggs 25:31; 34th Taylor Dryden 25:38; 56th Kaylee Hawkinson 27:45; 59th Justine Ocanas 27:50; 68th Brook Cape 28:45; 69th Elizabeth Guevara 29:00; 71st Harmony Hockman 29:14

15th Donald Chambers 18:41; 15th Leo Schranz 20:52; 69th Joe Sola 21:01; 72nd Jackson Elsey 21:07; 81st Tyler Williams 21:15; 89th Carter Beasley 21:26; 95th Ben Pahls 21:31; 103rd Jackson Edwards 21:37; 106th Josh Mayfield 21:44; 118th Isaac Meili 22:04; 130th Brenton Wilden 22:30; 133rd Andrew Leach 22:31; 136th Noah Wise 22:35; 142nd Jacob Riggs 22:59; 147th Isaiah Jenks 23:21; 152nd Chris Lewis 23:27; 154th Chance Henson 23:37; 157th Nate Wilson 23:41; 167th Jack Schroater 23:54; 170th Nick Johnson 24:08; 173rd Jason Pitts 24:37; 197th Trevor Hamilton 26:28;
198th Trey Duncanson 26:36; 203rd Aidan Harris 27:27