This year’s wet weather has caused water to breach the spillway at Gardner Lake. In 2013, Gardner Lake dam’s classification was changed from significant hazard (Class B) to high hazard (Class C). An inspection in 2015 identified failures along the length of the spillway and concluded the spillway needs to be replaced to ensure the integrity of the dam. The spillway has remained closed, and the original $300,000 deemed necessary to repair/replace was deemed beyond the city’ budget. Most recently, cost of repair/replacement of the dam has grown to $766,000. Photo courtesy of Kiesa Kay

Cost of repairing the Gardner Lake dam has grown to more than $766,000, according to Michael Kramer, public works director. The cost includes the design, permitting and construction of the alternate.
In January, 2017, the Gardner City council approved dredging the lake and repairing the dam for a cost of $780,000. Michael Kramer, public works director, said the State Division of Conservation (DOC) had responded to a June 2016 city request for funding and would contribute $280,000 in 2017 to fund the dredging project. Kramer had also said DOC was hopeful that another $200,000 would be available in 2018, in which case more dredging would be done.
The DOC grant did not become available.
According to a statement issued last week, Kramer said:
The Public Works department, working with consulting engineers Olsson Associates, completed the required dam safety inspection and submitted to the Division of Water Resources. DWR has determined that the inspection and report satisfy the requirements in K.S.A. 82a-301 through 305a. DWR encouraged the city to implement the following recommendations found in the report, including construction of the service spillway and additional rip rap protection added to the upstream slope of the embankment.
As part of their scope of work, Olsson prepared a Gardner Lake Spillway Evaluation and cost estimate for the necessary improvements. Removing the current spillway and replacing it with a new concrete spillway of similar geometry is recommended by Olsson and city staff. This alternative is the most economical solution that does not affect the normal pool elevation and flood elevations. The project does not include any modifications to the pedestrian hazard concerning the water overtopping the spillway (no bridges, low flow channels, etc. as these would affect the normal pool and/or flood elevations). The opinion of probable project cost is $766,053, which would include design, permitting, and construction of the alternate.
Council approved the project design contract based on the recommended alternative at the May 20, 2019 regular meeting. As such, staff is currently reviewing final designs and preparing State Division of Water Resources Permits. Solicitation of contractor bids will follow state permit approvals