Coach Deb Osborn
A large contingency of Blazers (31 ladies) took to the courts Sept. 11 to play an equally impressive squad from Spring Hill (34 ladies) in what would be a bit of a grinding, yet satisfying evening of tennis.
There were 47 matches for the ladies and after a long afternoon and evening, the Blazers emerged victorious over the Broncos, winning the shootout by an overall match score of 26-21.
Impressive victories for the Blazers came from Olivia Stanley and Caylie Waterman, Lisa Morales-Macedo and Shayne Peterson, Joslyn Kohl and Lauren Mulwa, Kylie Webb and Sabrina Miller, Dakota Konzem and Emily Stevanov, Chloe Goodman and Sarah Rogers, Sadie Helms and Hannah Franklin, Riley Pemberton and Emma Falkner, and Bri Glover and Chloe Turner in Doubles.  Bri and Chloe actually played two matches and dominated both for the ladies.
In singles, victories were in the cards for Halston Hills, Caylie Waterman, Olivia Stanley, Lisa Morales-Macedo, Lily Keimig, Lauren Mulwa, Bridget Gillespie, Sydney Hammett, Sabrina Miller, Adah Siegfried, Bri Glover, Hannah Franklin, Chloe Goodman, Chloe Turner, Emma Falkner, and Sarah Rogers.