Coach Courtney Hermann
The Mustang 8th grade varsity team took on Ottawa Sept. 5 in a duel.
The first game the team fell short losing 15-25 but came back ready to play in the second game.
Although the team lost the second game 18-25, the girls played with a lot of energy and made some amazing plays.  The final game was 12-25, and although we didn’t get a win, the scores do not reflect how hard the girls worked on the court, said Corutney Hermann, coach. Our defense was phenomenal, and we had some great sets and hits. Hannah Phipps lead the team with three aces, and Brecklyn Lowe had some amazing passes in the back row.
The 8th grade Lady Mustangs traveled to Ottawa Sept. 5 in a duel match up.  They had a rocky start falling to Ottawa in the first and second match up but came back pumped and fighting in the third.  The final score in the third match was 25 to 21 Mustangs.  The team all had an impact on the win with their serves, leading the way was a tie with Hope Kabreal, Ashley Sanders, Riley Hutchinson and Ava Wichart. Wichart got the ball set up so that Sanders could deliver some great hits at the net.  In the fourth match against Ottawa the girls fought hard, and it was a close nail bitter, but they fell to Ottawa 22 to 25.  Leading the serves that match was Hope Kabreal and Mariah Reeves with seven each.  Reeves had two aces to that match.
The 7th grade varsity girls came out to play Sept. 5 and took the first game with a win over Ottawa Middle School ending the game with a score of 25-22.  They played the next three games neck and neck losing with scores of 23-25, 21-25, and finally 21-25. The atmosphere was electric and so exciting to watch; the girls really came together as a team tonight, Hermann said.  There were a lot of great plays and a lot of volleying. Addison Holle led the team in serving with 19 successful serves and 14 aces. Her sister, Emerson Holle, followed with 13 serves and nine aces and Abigail Callahan with 10 serves and eight aces.  Addison McClure, Jillian Bryan, Avry Graham, and Abi Allen delivered high numbers in great passes.
The 7th grade JV Mustang volleyball girls took on Ottawa for a dual at WMS. For the first game, the girls fell short 20-25, and the second game was 8-25. But, they came back and played our hardest as a team for a winning score on game three of 25-22. For the last game, the Mustangs fell short leading to an overall win for Ottawa.
The girls really played like a team tonight and radiated energy, Hermann said. Overall, our serving was impressive. For the night, we had 25 total aces. There were also a hang full of rallies where the girls played well together to get the ball over the net. In the first game of the night Elizabeth Easley led the team in serves, going on a five streak serving pattern.