Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well it is almost end of air conditioning season.
Tempers flare and office co- workers conspire against each other in some businesses. Families are divided. It is the age-old story, the “coldies” vs. the hormonal “hotties.”
Growing up in a non air-conditioned home, we didn’t know any better. The big box fan was set to blow out of one window, while drawing the cool air back through an opposing window. I was lucky or vocal enough to have the bed near the ”in” window.
Usually by first light you had drawn covers up over your sweaty person to shield from the summer not-so-cool nights. It is what we knew. You woke up to doves coo-ing, the sounds of a very few cars on Main St., and just noises of life in general.
I miss the simpler times, but not the hot sweaty nights.
Here in our office we have temperate zones. I work up front in what I life to call “ It’s hot up here!!!!”
All those windows give me not only a great view of downtown Gardner, but a small micro climate of terrarium heat. On a nice sunny day it is usually up to 80 deg very early on.
There is a divider between my terrarium and the rest of the office. It isn’t unusual to have a 15 or 20 degree difference between the front and back of this place. I have a small fan and first one here usually sets the temp of the office.
If you enter the office from the back, you are met with conditions much like Alaska in the early winter months. I have never been able to see my breath in the ladies’ room, but there is the occasional “are you trying to freeze me out?” uttered from the depths of the office.
The guys in the office don’t complain much. They grab a hoodie or a winter coat and get on with daily routines.
It is the ladies who feel the heat or cold. So I will turn the air to a warmer setting and put the fan into play.
Once in a while I will sneak back and make it cooler on the way to the bathroom.
You can be pretty adept at moving a small lever while casually just passing by. I am darn sure no one here at the newspaper wants me to lounge about in the front office looking like I have come from a day at the beach.
I also know a boss with a frost bitten nose and gloves and coat to keep warm isn’t a happy person.
So the struggle for this year is almost over. Soon I will be faced with cold winds when the door is opened and snow sometimes coming in through the mail slot.
These are my struggles, and they are real.
I am very grateful to have a job and be allowed the freedom of expressing my inner thoughts, no matter how trivial or silly they seem. For now, another season almost passed and almost time to switch that lever over to heat!