The City of Spring Hill will conduct a citywide tree debris pick-up Sept. 5 as a result of recent storm damage.
The limb pick-up will be at no cost to residents inside the Spring Hill city limits. Public Works will utilize its own resources to remove limbs from the right-of-way in front of your house.
City staff will make one pass down each street. We ask all residents to take advantage of this assistance in the following way:
Spring Hill to conduct tree debris pick-upResidents are re
• sponsible for cutting and stacking limbs curbside including limbs from trees located in the right-of-way;
• Brush must be stacked neatly at curbside for pick-up;
• Brush should be placed parallel to the curb, so it does not block the sidewalk or stick out into the street;
• Branches should be no longer than 6 feet in length. This will help City crews from having to stop and cut branches, making our process more efficient.
Questions? Contact City Hall at (913) 592-3664 or Public Works at (913) 592-3317. We encourage you to contact your neighbors if you believe they may not know about this program.