Edgerton City Council members passed the proposed 2020 budget during their Aug. 22 meeting.
In the 2018 Citizen Survey, respondents asked city leaders to emphasize the visibility of police in neighborhoods and the quality of community public safety programs over the next two years. This new budget does exactly that.
The FY 2020 budget includes a 6.3 percent increase in funding for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, including the addition of what’s known as a “power shift” for residential Edgerton. An additional deputy will be assigned to patrol the residential areas 40 hours per week.
“We’re excited to meet ‘our’ deputy,” says Donald Roberts, mayor. “It’ll be great to have someone patrolling the streets that our residents know and can call whenever they need. I’m sure that he or she will be a real asset to Edgerton.”
The total 2020 operating budget is about $5.6 million, which includes services such as administration, street maintenance, building inspection, code enforcement and utility operations.
Property taxes are forecast to slightly increase from 29.919 mills to 30.879 mills, which is roughly the same as property taxes in 2018, but still below the tax rate in 2017. The city’s portion is about 20 percent of property tax bills.
Residents should expect to see continued maintenance of streets in neighborhoods, more biking and walking trails, and development of the new Greenspace community building coming in the future.
The budget reflects a 20% increase in employee health insurance premiums and a 10% increase in dental and vision premiums. The city will add a new accountant position in the coming year.
Besides the general fund, the city operates a water fund, a sewer fund, a special highway fund and a special parks and recreation fund. The city also operates a bond and interest fund from which debt service payments for the city’s general obligation bonds are made.
The city recently established a new fleet maintenance department whose budget will include the cost of vehicle and equipment maintenance and fuel costs.