Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Lots of folks travel through this world without ever noticing any of the things around them.
By this I mean, if it is outside or it isn’t cute, well it doesn’t rate high enough to be glanced at or a thought given it.
I read about a man in Overland Park who keeps bees. Right then and there someone said, ”ohhh bugs I hate bugs!”
I can’t change your mind about what you believe is creepy or icky.
However, we need bees. They are pollinators. If you like fruits or nuts, pumpkins or apples. You need bees for those things to happen.
Almost his entire hive had been wiped out almost overnight. The remaining ones were very slow and weren’t going to live.
His bees pollinate flowers, fruit trees and gardens within a mile of their hive. Now they are dead and dying.
Lots and lots of bees. Someone used a chemical to treat something, and the bee’s paid the price.
Too much ado over nothing you say?
How many bees have you seen this year?
Well I haven’t seen very many. I actually left my catnip growing and going to seed because I saw honey bees on the flowers every morning. They need every source of food they can find. And in turn they pollinate and produce honey. Who doesn’t like honey?
So a hive was lost. Lots of bee’s late in this season died.
There are others you say?
The question is, who sprayed and why?
Was it for a glorious looking lawn? Well when there aren’t enough pollinators we won’t have to worry about lawns, we will worry about food.
I noticed this summer, where I live, there weren’t any fireflies. Lightning bugs to most of us.
Last year we had plenty. This year I didn’t see even one.
I am not sure what they feed on, but I have never found them to be a nuisance.
So why must we spray and kill so many things? Fireflies on an early summer evening are a lot more enjoyable than just a grass lawn, in my opinion.
Maybe I am just an old bohemian gardener by heart.
Let’s us not forget the lessons of the 60’s about DDT. We almost lost our bald eagles.
If we continue we will lose our pollinators. We fought for ecology and Earth day.
But we just haven’t learned.