Graphic courtesy city of Gardner

Gardner will repair at least 22 lane miles of streets this year under the pavement management improvement program.
The program covers 140 lane miles out of the city’s total of 197 lane miles.
According to Michael Kramer, public works director, the city will have completed improvements to 89 percent of the 140 miles designated under the program since its 2016 inception.
The 2019 pavement management program consists of chip seal, fog seal, curb replacement, valley gutters, sidewalk ramp replacement and pavement marking.
At a June 17 meeting, the city approved a contract with Habor Construction Inc, valued at $929,437.
“Funding for the $291,223.45 of the base bid will come from the city’s infrastructure special sales tax fund while the remainder of $638,214.35 will be paid with proceeds of a general obligation bond,” Tim McEldowney, city engineer, told a recent council meeting.
The council voted June 17 for a resolution to authorize the city to issue general obligation bonds for approximately $925,600 to fund the improvements. The bonds include $250,000 for a curb project later in the year.
McEldowney said all costs of the improvements, bond principle and interest payments will be paid from the 0.5 percent Infrastructure Special Sales Tax Fund approved by voters in 2015.
In past years residents have complained about disruptions during the repair period but Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, communication manager, said she does not have statistics for complaints during 2019.
“Complaints in the past came from the contractor notifications not being timely, as such, now we have additional requirements of resident notification by the contractor,” she said.
The contractor is now required to issue notices at least 48 hours before a planned street closure, inform citizens on where to park during construction and provide timely information on delays.