Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Just a quick update on my housemate/puppy.
Well, Max is now 11 months old. He weighs in at about 15 lbs and is about shin high.
Much to my dismay, he runs the place.
If dogs aren’t your thing, go read the political cartoons again.
He no longer picks up rocks and eats them. He still has an attraction for used paper towels and Kleenexes. Sleeps all night and is about 98 percent house trained.
I still watch him like a hawk.
My cats are still not comfortable with puppy antics, and two of them stay upstairs until he is locked in his kennel for the night.
The other cat has a liking to live dangerously. But she always has an escape route planned well in advance.
He isn’t mean or bite-y. He likes to sit on her.
My daughter has been here visiting for a few days and, being a teacher, decided Max needed a little bit of restraint in his attention toward the felines.
We filled the spray bottles with water and have been doing spray behavior discipline. Basically, if he misbehaves he gets a “spritz.”
Her last visit she basically taught him to stay off the coffee table. This time we are supporting cat rights.
The water doesn’t harm him, nor does it really stop the behavior. It makes him lose sight of the cat long enough for her to reach the stairs and head back to the second level.
It is, however, an annoyance. So after numerous “spritzes” in about three days, he weights his options when he sees the cat.
Now he will walk away and sit and watch. It is a very good start.
He has loved having my daughter in the house. Our day was full in Sunday with daughter, son, daughter in law (daughter #2) and even Dad #2 stopped by. I had a very tired puppy by the end of the day.
He has been treated to visits to the dog park and socializing with the new Basset puppy on the block, Winston.
My house is soon to be very quiet. My daughter will return to Idaho and her school year will start.
Max and I will go back to our little week and weekend routines.
Winston and Dana will be our social visits.
I will continue to fill the spray bottle and work on cats having rights to the downstairs.
Yes, life will be quieter these visits are much too far apart.