Stores have packed their isles with back to school supplies and parents and guardians have been busy shopping and preparing kids to go back to school.
At USD 231, classes begin on Aug. 13 and this week the district has been conducting new teacher academy sessions.
After the summer break students are no doubt eager to catch up with their friends and teachers and swap stories of summer adventures (or misadventures), although with the proliferation of social media, there’s a likelihood that such stories have already been widely shared.
Nonetheless, nothing compares to meeting up close with friends.
As schools open, it is important to remind everyone that there will be little ones walking on the sidewalks and crossing the roads. We urge drivers on our residential streets to be extra cautious and a little forgiving to that little child still learning the basics of safely crossing the road.
School zones will be busy for the next school year. Please obey all signs and observe the speed limits in school zones. Remember it is illegal to pass a school bus that has stopped to pick up students.
However important your appointment may be, or however late you may be running, nothing is more precious to our community than our young people.
We thank those in our community including local businesses that have donated school supplies for the kids that may not have enough.
We also thank the teachers who may have stashed an extra item or two for that child who may show up without some item that’s important for their learning experience.
With our actions, we demonstrate everyday that we are a caring community.
It’s important to remember that our examples of patience and compassion are also passed onto to the students and those traits will serve them well into adulthood.
We are sure that leadership, staff and the educators in our district are well prepared for the task ahead, and for that they too deserve our thanks. We entrust them with our most precious, and we are confident they will work hard to not only impart knowledge but also shape the characters of our young ones.