Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So I realize the times have changed. Not always for the better. But change is inevitable.
I realize that you can’t fight the changes, but you learn to adapt.
A local grocery store, not the big box store, has changed the way people do business with them.
They have a new rewards system. I am sure this was a corporate decision. Corporate runs everything. Unless you are a Mom and Pop type store. Mom and Pop’s are run by regular folks who make a living and help out their customers.
Anyway, the corporate folks running the local store made some changes. The bottom line is always profit. This is a fact.
However there is a problem. Corporate has changed the way folks get discounts for grocery and items purchased in their stores. This is just not the local grocery store, it is also the dollar discount the pharmacy stores, etc.
You must become a “member,” sign in and download coupons to the reward card provided by them. Sounds neat right. Woo Hoo – cyber coupons right in the palm of my hand.
Or on my keychain so to speak.
But this is sort of age discrimination. People over 65, are mostly on fixed incomes. Being able to afford a $600 cell phone or a $100 a month cell phone plan or even $65 a month for internet, is not an option for them. So how are they to get these savings? The phones they use may not allow for apps to be down loaded. They don’t spend hours a day on the internet. They have retired people stuff to do. The fact that they used to rely on their local newspaper for the store ads and inserts is also endangered. The local grocery doesn’t carry the local newspaper for sale.
So what do I see happening?
Well unless a Mom and Pop grocery, with deep pockets, sets up here in our town, these people will drive just a few block further to the big box store.
No they probably won’t know the cashiers, no one will help them to their vehicles with their purchases. But they will save money.
Money in the end is what drives every age group, corporation, and city.